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Coeur d'Artichaut un Mariage Evenement unique, hors du commun, original à Geneve, Lyon, Haute Savoie

We will set up an exclusive and unforgettable event WITH you and FOR you

Just take in all the emotion and memories!

Cœur d’Artichaut will do everything to make you experience an exceptional moment.

Our method

Coeur d’Artichaut un mariage ou évenement unique et inoubliable sur Annecy Geneve Lyon Haute Savoie
-  Between you and me  -

The first time we meet

When we first meet (free of charge) we will have a coffee (or tea, hot cocoa , anything you prefer). It can be at your home, in our office in Annecy or even on Skype for those who are far away. It will be my chance to get to know you, to know your story, understand your desires; it will be our chance to get to know each other.

 First impression

As soon as I understand a little more of your expectations and since I never run out of ideas, I start « sketching » your event. I will present my first ideas to you on our second meeting.

Vous êtes conquis ?

Great! We will officialise our collaboration by signing a contract.

There on the adventure starts, always with good mood, positive energy and a smile on our faces! Let’s talk about your wishes and your desires !


Let’s talk about your wishes and your desires !

Coeur d'artichaut weding planer orginale sur Annecy, Genève et Lyon
We want to spoil and cuddle you at Cœur D’artichaut. This is why we only accept a limited number of events per year.

-  What we do -

-  What we don’t do -


You are unique and you deserve a unique event ! We personalize all the elements of your event so that it resembles and pleases you.


Find the rare gem(s)


THE vendors who will make your event an outstanding one ! We will choose them carefully considering your expectations and budget. And, of course, they will be tested and approved by Coeur d’Artichaut.


An event under control

From the first inquiry up to the end of the party, we will be at your side. We will move together step by step controlling each phase and insuring we do not exceed the predetermined budget . Our aim is to have zero bad surprises.

We do not impose vendors


We can’t say it enough: we love authenticity. Therefore we are open to enlarge our already long list of vendors in order to accommodate your wishes. Be reassured, we will always test them beforehand.

We do not receive commission

We will negotiate possible reductions for you. We believe in a complete transparency so that you know exactly what you are paying for. We work FOR you so the reductions will be FOR you!

We do not limit the number of times you contact us 

Organising events can be overwhelming and we are very conscient of the stress it can cause. It is out of the question to not answer all of your calls or text messages. We will always be within reach so do not hesitate.

For any question, contact Diane

+33 (0)7 68 79 88 79 -

13 rue Henry Bordeaux - 74000 Annecy

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