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Wedding organisation and planning

Do you dream of a wedding that’s just happiness and serenity? Organised in such a way that you can just relax and enjoy it instead of being stressed ? Coeur d’artichaut is here ! Just let us guide you. 

What we offer

- Complete organisation -

Feel like having tranquillity and an event that is tailor-made?​

​We can be at your side to guide you step by step while we plan your special day!

​​Your only effort will be to enjoy this event planned specially for you!

- "à la carte" -

Do you need
a hand?


Whether you need help with something specific, whether you are tired or just want to go to the movies to disconnect a little, we are there.


We can help organise all or just a part of your event.

- Wedding day coordination -

Do you wish to just savour this important day?

You have organised everything? Well done!

​​​ Now, just relax and enjoy! We are there to coordinate it all, control the schedule, the timing and double check all the details.

- Venue and catering -

A little hand to get started ?

Do you wish to plan your wedding yourself but need a solid start?


Be reassured, we will help you make the good choice about the best venue for the reception and catering service.

Our advantages

  • Someone to guide you step by step

  • A predetermined transparent budget. No surprises!

  • We will negotiate prices for you

  • Original and personalised solutions

  • Outstanding vendors chosen just for you

  • Made-to-order tools

  • Time gain

  • An organised and simple schedule

  • A dedicated person to reassure you

  • A privileged person of contact for you and your family and friends

For any question, contact Diane

+33 (0)7 68 79 88 79 -

13 rue Henry Bordeaux - 74000 Annecy

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