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Coeur d'Artichaut un Mariage Evenement unique, hors du commun, original à Geneve, Lyon, Haute Savoie

About us

Who we are :  Cœur d’artichaut ( the heart of the artichoke).

What we want : To make you happy . To help you through this very special moment of your life and unload you of all burden. We just want you to enjoy the moment; that’s all!

Coeur d'Artichaut, Wedding planner et organisation de évenements Annecy, Geneve, Lyon, Haute Savoie

"Avoir un Coeur d'Artichaut"

"To have the heart of an artichoke" what it means :

The heart of the artichoke is the centre part of this vegetable from where all the leaves are detached. To have the heart of an artichoke means to be able to give love to everyone close to you. ​​

For us, each one of these leaves represents a unique project, full of love, that tells its own story.

Behind the artichoke

I believe in love with a big L. I am convinced that each one of us has something to share. Something that is sparkling and full of life and which I wish to bring forward.​

I am full of ideas ! And I have always planned or helped organise every important event of my life and those of the people close to me. 

A master’s degree in one hand and years of experience in project and event management in the other, it was obvious for me to put together the logic and rigor of the left part of my brain with the creativity and passion of the right part.


​​I decided then to create « Cœur d’Arthichaut » to help design, plan and organise important and unique weddings and events.

Diane de Coeur d'Artichaut organise votre mariage ou evenement à Annecy, Genève, Lyon, Haute Savoie

My Aim

Understand your desires, make them real and do everything in my power to make it « look like you », but mainly to find that special extra that will make your special day an outstanding one!

My Inspiration

Your own very rich personal story

Values that are dear to our heart (of artichoke)

Coeur d'Artichaut à l’ecoute pour organiser votre mariage ou evenement à Annecy, Genève, Lyon, Haute Savoie
Coeur d’Artichaut partage sont experience dans l’organisation de mariage et évenement
Un mariage ou évenement créatif Coeur d’Artichaut est là pour vous
Un mariage ou évenement en toute transparence avec Coeur d’Artichaut
-  Transparency  -
-  Creativity  -
-  Sharing  -
-  Listening  -

For any question, contact Diane

+33 (0)7 68 79 88 79 -

13 rue Henry Bordeaux - 74000 Annecy

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